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I can make it, but I need help showing it off

I've been knitting since I was eight years old. That summer of 1973, at my grandmother's house in Jamestown, North Dakota, I was underfoot in the kitchen and pretty sure I was being a pain in the ass. My grandmother, Myrello (pronounced Mer-low), took me by the hand and led me to the living room. She sat me down next to her on the sofa and spent an enjoyable hour or so with me teaching me the basics of knitting. I still remember that afternoon -- having the loving attention of Myrello all to myself. The knitting kept me busy for the rest of that summer holiday. And the rest of my life. So I'm a reasonably confident knitter and every stitch is a reminder of my grandmother.

From the humble beginnings of clunky, garter stitch scarves and Barbie clothes, I’ve graduated to knitted sculptures as well as accessories for men and women -- usually with a sense of irony. So the added irony that I'm not very adept or confident at showing off my work is just a bit too much. I got wise to myself last year and decided that I needed to get out of the business of trying to photograph my work and let someone with mad skills do that part for me. I found an amazing collaborator in Amy Wright. Amy is an exceptional photographer with a thriving company specializing in business and personal portraiture, as well as fantastic product and business photography. Additionally, she has her own photo greeting card business called Tell It Well.

In August of 2017, I brought my current inventory of tree sculptures to a swank setting and Amy made magic. I now have photos that I can use throughout the year as I prepare for various shows and gallery possibilities. And I have a good selection of images that I can use for social media promotions. It is a huge relief. I encourage any creatives that are at the point in their career where all the pieces are in place except promotion -- to get a great photographer and record what you do so well. I still like to take a picture here and there as I chronicle the progress of a piece. But the joy of having a ready collection of beautiful photos to choose from when needed -- well, it increases the loveliness of life.

If you are in the Denver Metro area, I encourage you to contact Amy. She is ready to make your work shine even brighter. And if you are out of town, make a promise to yourself to get those photos taken; get that folder of exceptional photos ready to go. And breathe easier.